MBISS NZ CH Foxestown The Arch Deacon (Clear HC and L2)

We welcome Deacon to our family and he has been out in 2017, learning the ropes and winning junior of group awards and a LIMIT IN SHOW at the Terrier show. He also won his first cc in Waimate,
so he is on the board

2018 will be an interesting time as we watch this lovely young boy grow up and mature

Many thanks to Jane Garland for allowing Deacon to come and charm us every day with his lovely sunny nature

Deacon wins his first Best of Group and then Reserve of Group in Nelson under international judges! We thank them for recognising his qualities
Best of Group at North Canterbury (show 1) under Barbara Doyle (Aust)
BEST IN SHOW at the 2nd Mainland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society show under Annette Baxter (Vic)!!
Runner up of breed and NZ Bred in Show under Bruce Schwartz (USA) at the CCTC show
Another Best of Group and NZ Bred of Group under Jan Brownlie (NZ) at Ellesmere on May 5th!
Best of Group and NZ Bred of Group under Mark Johnston (NSW) on May 6th!
And on May 19th under Mr Burt from Victoria awards Deacon his 8th cc!

Critique from Annette Baxter (Boldhart )
Foxestown The Archdeacon – Brindle dog of correct size and substance and for me oozing breed type. This dog caught my attention with his ring presence when he entered the ring moving with purpose and drive both front & rear with economy of effort. Strong head with correct proportions deep stop and dark eye with good expression broad skull complete with neat rose ears. Clean muzzle with correct dentition and strength. Straight well boned front correct depth of brisket well placed shoulders level topline and short loin. Low set tail with well muscled hindquarters. Handled and shown well and in excellent condition .

A pleasure to award DCC & Best Exhibit in Show & Junior in Show

Deacon wins 2 more NZ bred of groups in Dunedin and a huge NZ BRED IN SHOW under Bruce Anderson (NZ)!

DEACON wins Reserve dog and Intermediate in Show under Duncan McAllister at SCSBTS Cash n Sash show.
Intermediate in Show under Lance Stephenson at the SCSBTS Trophy show!

2 BIG wins, 1 RUIG win and 1 NZ BRED IN SHOW at the Dunedin shows the first weekend in December 2018!
1 RUBIG and 2 NZ Bred in Groups as well as both Best of Breeds (17 entered) at Canterbury Junior shows in December 2018.
Critique from Duncan McAllister (Aust) from the SCSBTS show October 21st 2018:
1. [17] Very well proportioned strong head, well developed cheeks, dark
eye that could be a little rounder and neat small ears. Broad moderately
developed chest with straight legs and feet slightly turned out. Broad strong
neck on well set shoulder, good length and spring of rib, moderate loin and
well set tail. Strong rear with short hocks giving strong clean drive from the
rear, good reach in front but could have just a little more. Overall a nicely
balanced dog. -- This boy went on to my Reserve CC due to overall balance,
type and soundness.

First champ show of 2019 and Deacon wins Best of Group/NZ Bred of Group under Caroline Stewart (NSW)!

Best of Group and NZ BRED IN SHOW show 1 in Nelson under the judge from China.
Reserve of Group/ NZ Bred of Group at the benefit show in Nelson under the Croatian judge.

Reserve of Group/Nz Bred of Group under Wayne Burton (aust) at CLKA Saturday 2nd March
and Best of Group/ Nz Bred of Group under Peter Miller (aust) on Sunday 3rd of March.
A very fitting tribute to his breeder who was taken suddenly, far too soon......

Best and NZ Bred of Group under Bill Smith (Aust)

Deacon wows the judges again over Easter weekend.

RESERVE IN SHOW / NZ BRED IN SHOW under Helen Wall (UK) Goldwyn Kennels
BEST IN SHOW / NZ BRED IN SHOW under Rachael Bawden (Aust) Castlebar kennels

We were especially proud to win the Best In Show as Deacon won the Jane Garland Memorial Trophy which was made in honour of his breeder who was recently taken from us much too soon.
We cannot thank the judges enough for recognising what a special dog our Deacon is. He is our much loved pet who lies on the sofa at home and loves the show ring when we take him out.

Reserve of Group and NZ Bred of Group under Julie Dickinson-Franks (NSW) at the Ellesmere Saturday show.
At our FIRST Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club show for a very long time...Deacon does his thing and wins Best Dog and Runner up in Show from 67 entries under Fiona McBride (Vic)
We are so very proud of this dog!

B/brindle with white male. Impressive profile top size well balanced of very good make and shape presented in very good condition. Cracking head properties, clean and unexaggerated, dark well set eyes, neat rose ears enhancing his eye-catching expression. Correct muzzle to skull ratio with pronounced cheek muscles, correct bite with clean flews, wide front with deep brisket, well boned legs, preferring a little more strength and less length of pasterns, tight enough feet. Clean muscular neck and shoulder line flowing into a level topline, very good spring of rib, well ribbed back to moderate loin, muscular hind quarters with ample turn of stifle, good slope to the croup with a low set tail and carriage. Sound movement with excellent footfall, moving with economy of effort with purpose and discernible drive from rear holding his topline. I preferred seeing him free standing not baited however he was of outstanding breed type, an easy winner and well deserved DCC & Runner Up In Show

BEST IN SHOW at the UBBA show under breed enthusiast and breeder Shannon Aldous (Aldoushire)
So lovely to be recognised so highly by one of our own breed people!

Deacon has been lightly shown in 2020 due to most shows being cancelled.
He has had a few Best of Group and age class wins and is now on 47ccs

Best and NZ Bred of Group under Ross Hall at the first shows of the year at Geraldine!

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