Pencara Peta Cottontail

Tara, is one of several kids we had with our new sire the beautiful AMOREA PETERS TALE -- aka Princey who arrived in 2007-----It was to start us down the road to breeding some lovely particolours as well as solids as his sireline contained several top U K & U S Parti ancestors :
Sungolds Dare to Be Different , Toybox Magpie Parti & Lazy SL Birthday Parti at Toybox-Can /UK as well as solid colours Chinadolls , Bavanews, Sandtowns, Sharians

With his arrival he brought a new level of quality in bone structure, coats & of course he passed on his beautiful head to most of his offspring, Tara , Sabrina ,Wolfie & Coco.

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Pedigree for Pencara Peta Cottontail
Sire : Amorea Peters Tale S: Toybox Top Hat n Tales (imp U K ) S: Chinadolls Intimadator At Toybox
D: Toybox Magpie Parti
D: Amorea Red Dust S: Sharians Justa Dustin (Imp Can)
D: Amorea Red Velvet
Dam : Syringa Blanch S: Dinglydell Prince S:
D: Syringa Alina S: